Mikhail Nekrasov to compose the official music for Junior Eurovision 2013

Mikhail Nekrasov, producer of Zlata Ognevich, will compose the music for Junior Eurovision 2013 to take place on November 30th in the Palace of Arts (Kiev – Ukraine).

Mikhail is the man behind the best adult Eurovision entries, he is also the composer of Zlata’s Eurovision song “Gravity” (2013)  and Tina Carol’s “Show me your Love” (2006) and arranger of Ruslana’s winning entry “Wild Dances” (2004) as well as the Ukranian entry for Junior Eurovision 2013 “We are One”. He is one of the most famous composers and producers in Ukraine with a big experience working with the best artists and musicians.

Mikhail has had to compose the music according to the slogan Be Creative! “I have to make a music that fits the slogan and the creativity, I must admit that I am happy with the slogan, It implies fairy tales and a magic transformation not only in performances, also in music”


More than 70 musicians from all over the world are involved in this Nekrasov’s project. We will be able to listen to many instruments, not only classical instruments recorded in Los Angeles (strings, wind), also exotic wind instruments from countries like Australia and Kazakhstan.

There will be a 7 minutes interval act with the appearance of Nekrasov’s team, Zlata Ognevich and the other host Timur Miroshnichenko.

The result of this project by Maikhail Nekrasov will be revealed  on November at Junior Eurovision 2013.



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