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MELOVIN wrote the song “Waste No Time” during the war in Ukraine

The composition conveys all the emotions felt by the artist and every Ukrainian in difficult times for our country.

“On the night of February 23-24, I did not sleep. I opened a gift from my fans:  a big Lego grand piano, which I built all night. I heard the first explosion at 1:53 and wrote about it in my team’s chat. My friends reassured me that everything was OK, and no one paid attention to it.

“At 5:57 a second explosion occurred, causing the windows to shake! I heard a series of loud explosions and a loud whistle. When I called the team, everyone said they heard it! When we looked on the Internet, we saw official information from our government, warning that the war had begun. Russia opened fire under the guise of a “special peacekeeping mission” to protect Ukrainians.

“But this is a lie! There is no-one to protect and save us from! Now we need to be saved from Russian aggression!

MELOVIN, “Waste No Time”

“In the morning we started to pack quickly. I took my cat with me, and by 8am we had left for Lviv! What we saw on the street was almost unbelievable! People were in a panic, thousands of cars, many kilometers of traffic jams, queues to refuel the car.

“Russia wants genocide of Ukrainians. This is not a peaceful operation! We do not need Russia and its regime!  We have never had problems with the Russian language, as they say in their media. I am a Russian-speaking person, I was born in Odessa, I studied in a Ukrainian school! Nobody is pressuring me! I love my country! And I do not need such a “peaceful” regime. Russia is killing my friends and my nation!”

During his stay in the Lviv region, as well as volunteering to help organize supplies for his countrymen, the artist shot a live video for the song “Waste No Time”. Through music, MELOVIN aims to lift the spirits of the people!

MELOVIN “Waste No Time”


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