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Meet Monika Liu, Lithuania representative in Eurovision 2022

This year Lithuania has chosen Monika Liu as its representative on Eurovision 2022 that will take place in Turin next May with the song “Sentimentai”. But who is Monika Liu? In this article you will have the opportunity to know more about Lithuania’s singer for Eurovision 2022.

About Monika Liu

Monika started her musical career at the age of five when she began learning strict violin. She discovered singing on her own ten years later and immediately triumphed in the Dainų dainelė song competition in 2004.

After graduating from school she decided to study jazz at the Faculty of Music of the University of Klaipėda, and later went to the United States, where she studied at one of the most prestigious music schools in the world, Berkeley College in Boston.

After graduating, she moved to London, where she continued to create songs. She worked with the famous producer Mario Basanov, collaborated with the electronic music group Silence, with whom she recorded the song “Not yesterday”. Her early work was described as “a strong (and less strange) electro-pop version of Björk”.

On 23 May 2019, Gediminas Jauus, producer of The Voice of Lithuania, announced that Monika Liu would become the new coach of the project. She later joined in other projects such as Kaukės (Mask Singer) at LNK and Aš matau tavo balsą (I see your voice).

On 20 April 2020, the artist released her second album and first vinyl record, Melodija. The album was recorded in the UK in collaboration with professional musicians: producer Miles James, sound director Christoph Skirl and musician Marius Aleksa, using synthesizers and different techniques, with all instruments being recorded live.


Tuk, tuk-tuk
Naktį į širdį pasibeldžia
Ilgesio pilna
Atminimų lydima
Tu, tai tu, tai tu
Seniai matytas veide
Ko juokies lyg klaunas
Iš mano spindinčių akių?

Sukasi ratu galvoje momentai
Bėga bėga ten, kur ir Tu
Milijonas rožių lyg sentimentai
Skęsta jūroje debesų

Ošia jūra nerami
Man ašaros akyse
Viskas, jis nebesugrįš niekada
Jis atplaukė juoda puta
Pamenu, kaip stoviu Nidos kopų vidury
Ir žuvėdrai moju
Toli, toli

Sukasi ratu galvoje momentai
Bėga bėga ten, kur ir Tu
Milijonas rožių lyg sentimentai
Skęsta jūroje debesų
Sukasi ratu galvoje momentai
Bėga bėga ten, kur ir Tu
Milijonas rožių lyg sentimentai
Skęsta jūroje debesų

Lithuania in Eurovision

Pabandom Iš Naujo was born in 2020 as the Eurovizijos Atranka’s successor, the Lithuanian preselection used since 1999, which in recent years had brought poor results to the Baltic country.

After a reformulation of the LRT team, in 2020 they opted for this format in which the number of galas was reduced and musical quality was improved. The Roop won the first edition of the renewed Lithuanian pre-selection with ‘On Fire’ and were one of the favourites for Eurovision 2020 until their cancellation by Covid-19.

In 2021 with a place in the final assured after missing the opportunity to participate in Eurovision 2020 due to its cancellation, The Roop once again won their ticket to Rotterdam with ‘Discoteque’. At Eurovision, they finished in a great 8th place in the grand final, the second best position in the country’s history at the festival.

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