Malta: MESC 2017 runner-up Janice Mangion releases “Warda”

Source: Marc Calleja Bayliss

A daughter to be fully proud of!

Janice Mangion, the ultra-talented Maltese singer who came as a runner-up at last year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest with “Kewkba” has released a new track who follows up the singer’s evolution since then.

“Warda”, the title of this new track, means “rose” in English and is a touching, powerful and vocally strong ballad who is dedicated to Janice’s mum. The song was born quite a few months ago after Kewkba’s success in order to mark Mangion’s path following her second place in the contest.

Y’all will be wondering who was in charge of the enchanting and captivating melody as well as the melodious lyrics in Maltese which gets to flow all the way the entire song through its almost 4 minutes. And we have got the answer: Mark Scicluna and Cyprian Cassar made up the music and Emil Calleja Bayliss was in charge of the lyrics having Janice’s thoughts, feelings and criteria very on point.

“It has always been at the back of my mind to work on an original song which I could dedicate to my mother due to her continuous dedication throughout the years … she never had an easy life, and she did everything in her capability to make sure that I am always happy … the love of a mother is something incredible, and as a result, I refer to her as a rose”, revealed Mangion.

Give it a listen on Spotify as well!

Throughout these past 12 months, Janice Mangion has been involved in several spectacles including the biggest music festival in Eastern Europe, the Slaviansky Bazaar where she finished amongst the top 10 after singing in Maltese, English and even Russian. Janice believes that the Maltese language is of great value and “it is rather sad that it is not always appreciated and taken care of in the best possible way”.

Supported by a strong visual created by producer Matthew Muscat-Drago, Warda made it’s debut on television on the 8th February 2018 although it was made public on several forms of social media as well as all digital stores the following day on the 9th February 2018.

In the upcoming days and weeks, Janice will be promoting Warda on television, radio and even social media.

Would you like to see her at the Malta Eurovision again? Should Malta send a track in Maltese language to reach success in the contest?

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