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Malta 2023: The reason for Aidan’s disqualification revealed

PBS, the Maltese national broadcaster, has disclosed the reason why Aidan has been disqualified from the national final, MESC 2023.

The reason why Aidan was disqualified

The Maltese national broadcaster, PBS, has announced the reason why hot favourite to win the ticket to go to the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool (UK), Aidan, has been disqualified. We already knew that it was because of a breach of the rules of the Maltese national final, but now we know more.

A spokesperson of PBS stated the following:

Every competition has its own rules. The regulations are there to ensure that the process is impartial and that all singers are given the same chance and the same opportunities, regardless of their individual means or resources. The competition takes place on the same equal level of promotion for each participant. There are clear regulations that state that no promotion can take place from the time the names of the quarter finalists are announced. We do this to give the same space in an equal way and above all so that no one takes an advantage in one way or another over the other participants.”

– by a spokesperson of PBS, the national broadcaster of Malta

A spokesperson of TVM added the following statement:

“PBS warned the singer concerned several times and reprimanded him several times, but he repeatedly did not regulate himself and persisted in breaking the regulations, with a number of posts not authorized on Instagram and Facebook.”

– by a spokesperson of TVM

First Quarterfinal of MESC 2023

Aidan had competed in the first Quarterfinal of MESC 2023, the Maltese Eurovision Song Contest 2023, on January 14th 2023 with the song “Reġina”.

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