Malmö will not host Eurovision 2016!

After so many speculations and bids regarding the host city of Eurovision 2016 in Sweden, Malmö announced that they cannot host the contest in May 2016. The reason behind this decision is that Malmö Arena is fully booked for 6 weeks in the end of April and beginning of May. One of SVT’s requirements is that the host venue should be available for 4 to 6 weeks prior to the contest in order to be fully prepared for the rehearsals and live shows.

The Malmö Redhawks matches, the Apassionata horse show, two major congresses and two international concerts are the reasons that Malmö Arena gave up on hosting Eurovision.

Johan Hermansson, tourism director in Malmö City:

I think many will be disappointed, but really, we are supposed to feel pride because there is a good reason that we cannot take it. It is amazing that the facilities we offer have received this popularity.

When Malmö hosted ESC 2013 the region of Skåne and Malmö city spent 28 million crowns.

With Malmö out, which city will host Eurovision 2016? Stockholm, Gothenburg or perhaps Linköping?



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