Macedonian song released, listen to “Dona” by Kaliopi!

It’s time to listen to the Macedonian song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 performed by no other than Kaliopi!

The Macedonian song is called “Dona” and it is written by Kaliopi herself along with Romeo Grill. The presentation has taken place during a special show broadcast on MRT 1 and released on-line:

Kaliopi was internally selected by MRT to represent FYR Macedonia at Eurovision for the second time. The Balkan singer has previously represented her homeland at the 2012 edition achieving a 13th place at the final with the song “Crno i Belo” (Black and White), which was written by the same faces behind “Dona”.

About Kaliopi:

Kaliopi, the biggest Macedonian pop star and one of the biggest pop stars and vocals at the Balkan. She started her career when she was only 9 years old, winning the first place at a Children song festival. She gains her success and recognition with the band “Kaliopi”, originally in the ex-YU countries. The band was established and guide by Romeo Grill who was also the author of most of the songs. For a short period of time, they publish two albums, and participate to the biggest festivals and show-programs. Winning many recognitions and awards, this period will be remembered by many hits, especially the evergreen “Bato”.

At the peak of her career Kaliopi leaves to Switzerland, and shortly after the band resolves with a 10 year break that follows. Kaliopi announces her comeback as a solo performer by winning the first place at the Skopje festival in 1996. In 1999 she moves back to Macedonia, with her new album “Oboi me” (“Color me”) recorded in Switzerland. This album will be her last cooperation with Romeo Grill as producer of the album.

Since then, her career is highlighted by 9 albums, 6 albums by Kaliopi as author, each winning the title Album of the year. By creating music and lyrics for herself and many other artists in the region, she has become one of the leading music artists in the region. She also works on other creative projects: composes music for 2 Theatre plays and one Ballet play “I, Isidora”, plays the lead role in the first Macedonian musical “Chija si”, and participates in numerous jazz and ethno projects.

One of the most important cooperation in her career is with the world-famous lute player Edin Karamazov. They jointly publish the album “Oblivion”. This brings her to a second cooperation with Karamazov, and other big artists: Sting, Renee Fleming and Andreas Scholl.

In her remarkable, supreme career, the voice with distinguished color is guided by powerful emotion and a heart of a big humanist. Until today, Kaliopi has been entitled as Honorary UNHCR Ambassador, Honorary Ambassador of the Macedonian Economy in the World. Also, among the many awards and recognitions, she was awarded with the “Mother Theresa” statuette for her distinguished and dedicated humanitarian work.

Kaliopi imprints her work as a high standard in the Macedonian and Balkan music and art, remaining the favorite of her own people, Macedonian and Balkan pop-diva.

Remember that only Kaliopi has managed to qualify FYR Macedonia for the Eurovision Grand Final in the last 9 editions. Will she bring the country back to the final again? What do you think about the Macedonian song?

About Belén García (Spain)

Belén García (Spain)

My name is Belén. I’m a musician and English teacher from Spain.

I have been following Eurovision since I was only 11 and the junior version since the beginning (expert of this contest). I love Eurovision because I love discovering new songs every year.

Before ESC+Plus, I have been part of very well-known websites about (Junior) Eurovision. Apart from writing, I love taking professional photos, designing and editing videos, I’m very creative!

I have already traveled to Eurovision and Junior Eurovision a few times and I highly recommend it! =)


  1. Sorry but i don’t like it :((
    I was expecting a real;ly much better song by her. 🙁
    Pity because i like this singer Kaliopi both as an artist & persona.
    Her song *DONA* is ok but its too weak.
    Its from my least liked songs in my (now) top31 🙁

  2. Here is my newly top31 of the 61st EuroVision 2016

    1st) IRELAND ———— 9/10 ~~~~~~ (30) POINTS ~~~~ (12) ESC POINTS


    2) ARMENIA ———— 8,5/10 ~~~~~~ (29) POINTS ~~~~ (10) ESC POINTS

    3) ITALY —————– 8,5/10 ~~~~~ (28) POINTS ~~~~~ (8) ESC POINTS

    4) ICELAND ———— 8,5/10 ~~~~~~ (27) POINTS ~~~~ (7) ESC POINTS

    5) UKRAINE ————– 8/10 ~~~~~~ (26) POINTS ~~~~ (6) ESC POINTS

    6) UNITED KINGDOM – 8/10 ~~~~~~ (25) POINTS ~~~~ (5) ESC POINTS

    7) FRANCE ———— 8/10 ~~~~~~~ (24) POINTS ~~~~ (4) ESC POINTS

    8) HUNGARY ———- 7/10 ~~~~~~~ (23) POINTS ~~~~ (3) ESC POINTS

    9) BELGIUM ———- 6,5/10 ~~~~~~ (22) POINTS ~~~~ (2) ESC POINTS

    10) ISRAEL ———– 6,5/10 ~~~~~~ (21) POINTS ~~~~ (1) ESC POINT


    11) NORWAY ———- 6,5/10 ~~~~~ (20) POINTS

    12) AUSTRIA ———- 6,5/10 ~~~~~~ (19) POINTS

    13) BOSNIA ————- 6/10 ~~~~~~ (18) POINTS

    14) CYPRUS ———– 6,5/10 ~~~~~ (17) POINTS

    15) POLAND ———— 6/10 ~~~~~~ (16) POINTS

    16) RUSSIA ———— 5,5/10 ~~~~~ (15) POINTS

    17) GEORGIA ———- 5/10 ~~~~~ (14) POINTS

    18) ESTONIA ———- 5/10 ~~~~~~ (13) POINTS

    19) SLOVENIA ——— 4,5/10 ~~~~ (12) POINTS

    20) DENMARK ——— 4,5/10 ~~~~ (11) POINTS

    21) BELARUS ———- 4,5/10 ~~~~ (10) POINTS

    22) HOLLAND ——— 4,5/10 ~~~~~ (9) POINTS

    23) SPAIN ————— 4,5/10 ~~~~ (8) POINTS

    24) MOLDOVA ——— 4/10 ~~~~~ (7) POINTS

    25) SWITZERLAND — 4/10 ~~~~~ (6) POINTS

    26) LATVIA ————— 3/10 ~~~~ (5) POINTS

    27) ROMANIA ———– 3/10 ~~~~~(4) POINTS

    28) FYROM ————- 3/10 ~~~~~ (3)POINTS

    29) GERMANY ———- 3/10 ~~~~~ (2) POINTS

    30) MONTENEGRO — 2,5/10 ~~~~ (1) POINT

    31) FINLAND ———— 2,5/10

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