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Luxembourg 2024: This country must have thought “Go big or go home!”

The media of Luxembourg has announced that this mini-state has spent well over a million euro to get ready for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden); then again, it is the first participation of Luxembourg in the contest since more than 30 years.

Go big or go home!

Luxembourg’s national broadcaster, RTL, and the government of Luxembourg, must have thought “Go big or go home!”, when they thought about re-entering the biggest music competition in the world. The majority of the 1.1 million euro spent has gone to organizing the national final of Luxembourg, also known as the “Luxembourg Song Contest 2024”.

What is the hope for the return of money?

The hope for the return of money in Luxembourg is that the country can earn money with it when the outcome of the contest is a positive one for Luxembourg, they hope for a 125,000 euro return on their investment. The earnings will be used to organize next year’s Luxembourg Song Contest.

The 1.1 million is not spent in full yet, as it is also meant to cover the travelling costs of the Luxembourg delegation to Malmö (Sweden) upcoming May.

Who will compete for Luxembourg in Eurovision 2024?

The artist that will fly the flag of Luxembourg in Sweden is Tali with the song “Fighter”.
Tali will perform in the second half of Semi-final 1 on May 7th 2024. For more on Tali, check our article by clicking here.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel (EBU)

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