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Luxembourg 2024: Name of the national contest is “Luxembourg Song Contest”

The name of Luxembourg’s national selection TV show will be “Luxembourg Song Contest”. This was announced yesterday (01-12-2023) by the national broadcaster of Luxembourg, RTL Luxembourg, on social media.

Luxembourg Song Contest

The goal of the Luxembourg national broadcaster is that the televised national final will become a mainstay in the cultural landscape of Luxembourg, and that the show will become the benchmark of the best of the best in the music scene of this mini state.

The Luxembourg Song Contest will take place on Saturday January 27th 2024, live from the Rockhal venue in the Luxembourg city of Esc-sur-Alzette. The show will be broadcast live by TV station RTL Luxembourg with both French and English commentary. Tickets to be in the audience will go on sale soon.

The competing artists will be made public somewhere in December.

The selection process

More than 100 artists competed in a series of auditions which were held in the past couple of months. The last round of auditions was held in front of an internationally engaged audience of Eurovision experts, like Austrian 2018 representative, César Sampson, and Swedish music producer, Christer Björkmann.

Luxembourg in Eurovision

Luxembourg has not been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1993 due to a bunch of consecutive bad results of the country, although the mini state was one of the founding members of the contest and has won the contest a whopping five times in total.

Source: ShlagerLucas YouTube channel

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