London Eurovision Party 2014 tomorrow!

Tomorrow, April 13, the second preview Eurovision event is going to be held in London.  The event will take place place in the “Cafe De Paris” where doors will be open at 18:00.

16 Eurovision stars are going to attend the event. Uk – Molly is going to sing her song ” Children of the Universe” final version for the first time alive. Other Eurovision 2014 participants will be also performing there: Romania,Norway,Greece,Spain,San Marino,F.Y.R Macedonia,Poland,Latvia,Armenia,Austria,Malta,Switzerland,Montenegro,Portugal and Ukraine.

Moreover, past Eurovision contestestants are going to join the party:  Linda Martin ( Uk 1992), Sarbel(Gre 2007), Scott Fitzerland(Uk1988), Marcin Mrozinski(Poland 2010) and the winner of ESC 1973 Anne Marie David from Luxembourg.

Once again, the hosts will be Eurovision darling Nicki French(United Kingdom 2000) and BBC commentator and radio personality Paddy O’Connell.

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