Lithuania:Results of the first Eurovizijos show!

Tonight the first show of the Lithuanian national selection Eurovizijos 2015 was held. 12 artists each performed a song in Lithuanian. A Lithuanian jury, consisting of Ramūnas Zilnys, Edmonds Seilius, Audrius Giržadas, and Linas Adomatis (Eurovision 2004), an international jury with members from Georgia and The Netherlands, and the public all voted for their favorites, and in the ends their votes were combined to form the ranking for this week..

No one was eliminated tonight, so the votes will be combined with the votes given next week, and the act with the least amount of votes will be eliminated.

You can see the ranking after the first show below:

  1. Tadas Juodsnuki – Nakty (by Kastytis Kerbedis)
  2. Vaidas Baumila – As Tik Zmogus (by Vaidas Baumila)
  3. Milita Daikeryté – Tarp Taves Ir Manes (Milita Daikeryté)
  4. Edgaras Lubys – Sirdis Ant Balto Sniego (by Natalija Bunke)
  5. Mia – Man Patinka (by Dzordana Butkute)
  6. Liepa Mondeikaité – As Mylajau Tave Tau Nezinant (by Aktoriu Trio)
  7. Jurgis Bruzga – 1000 Dienu (Jurgis Bruzga)
  8. Reda Striskaité – Kai Sirpsta Vysnios Suvalkijoj (by Vytautas Kernagis)
  9. Monika Linkyté – Besieliai”(by Monika Linkyté)
  10. Neringa Siaudikyté – Meile Skolingas Tau (by Stasys Povilaitis)
  11. Rollikai – Violeta (by Kastytis Kerbedis)
  12. Wilma La – Lauzo Sviesa (by Foje)

Eurovizijos will continue next Saturday, where the participants will sing international hits, and an artist will be eliminated for the first time.



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