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Lithuania: All finalists are now selected

Last Saturday, eight performers participated in the last qualifying show of Lithuania’s national selection. These included Freya Alley, Karo, Petras, “Queens of Roses”, April Frey, Emilija V, “The Roop”, and Lina Štalytė. “The Roop” and “Queens of Roses” received the highest number of jury and audience votes, and thus made it to the national selection final.

“The Roop”, who appeared on the Eurovision stage in 2021 with the song “Discoteque”, decided to return to the contest this year. This time, the trio chose to spread the message of the need to be simpler and truer, which is why the song is called “Simple Joy”. Without a doubt, the band’s leader, Vaidotas Valiukevičius, still got the moves.

ArtistSongJury PointsTotal TelevoteTelevote PointsTOTAL POINTSRESULT
1stThe Roop“Simple Joy”123,6911224
2ndQueens of Roses“Walk Through Fire”10840717
3rdLina Štalytė“Perfect”51,7301015
4thApril Frey“New Years”8391614
5thFreya Alley“Serenade”4869812
8thEmilija V“Trophy Wife”313036

Queens of Roses performed the incendiary song “Walk Through Fire”. The energy in it is not accidental: the trio with this piece of music aims to encourage all women.

Each of the five qualifying shows had eight performers, and the two with the highest number of jury and audience votes proceeded to the final which will be held on February 17th. Another eight artists already in the “EUROVIZIJA.LT” final are: “VB Gang”, Silvester Belt, Aistè, “Žalvarinis”, “Shower”, “Pluie de Cometes”, Il Senso, and Monika Marija.

As with previous years, the project’s jury of 5 music professionals watched the contestants’ performances, and their scores were combined with the live audience vote on Saturday evening. However, this year’s selection has a new twist: the audience will decide which artist will represent Lithuania in Sweden for Eurovision 2024. According to the new rules, the three contestants with the highest audience and jury scores will perform again in the final, and only the public can vote for them.

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