Montenegrin song released, listen to “The Real Thing” by Highway!

The Montenegrin entry for Eurovision 2016 has just been presented. Listen to The Real Thing, composed by Srđan Sekulović Skansi, below:

The song was premiered tonight during a special show taking place in the Hotel Splendid in Bečići city. Besides, the music video was made public for the first time, “making off” clips from the recording of the song and video were also broadcast. Special guests of the show were the last year’s Montenegrin representative Knez, as well as the representatives of Bosnia & Herzegovina this year, Deen & Dalal.

Highway is an all-male band, that rose to fame during the last year’s season of X-Factor Adria. The original line-up consisted of lead singer Petar Tošić, and back-up vocals and guitarists Marko Pešić and Luka Vojvodić, but Bojan Jovović joined the group as keyboard player in December. Bojan Jovović was previously a member of the band No Name, who represented Serbia & Montenegro in Eurovision 2005, and came in an impressive 7th place.

How do you like the Montenegrin entry?

About Mila Kovalj (Denmark)

Mila Kovalj (Denmark)

I’m Mila from Denmark! I watched Eurovision for the first time in 2002 and has been hooked ever since. I attended the Eurovision in 2008, 2011, 2012 and last but not least in 2013 where I was lucky enough to experience my home country winning the whole thing!


  1. I didn’t like it.And with being honest.
    It doesn’t matter if i dislike this act.
    BUT if their song was good enough & likable i wouldn’t really refuse this fact though.
    Im not fan of Montenegro’s entry this year.

  2. My last place has a new holder country now.
    It was Finland & now its Montenegro 🙂
    Its not that the song is truly bad but its not really good either.
    Its kinda ok but too weak song if you ask me.

  3. I like the loggo 4 the song though 🙂
    The Heart <3 in the middle..
    The Eagle ~ The Lion ~ The Shark
    Where is the Tiger?? We need a tiger too 😉
    And a giraffe! 😉 hehe..

    • Oh i forgot the combra snake…Im really scared of snakes!

      • Oh…Im thinking what would i fear of more..
        ~ To swim in the ocean & get beaten by a great white shark?
        ~ To walk in Africa & get beaten by a combra snake?
        Both scenarios would be scary as f*ck! 😛
        I choose to better get attacked by a lion 😛
        or much better, by an eagle instead 😛 😛

  4. Montenegro debuted along with Serbia in the Vision of 2004.
    That it was the year that the Heart <3 was introduced as the logo 4 our EuroVision 🙂

    ( The (accidental) illuminati genious…
    The Eye of the Beast to rule our world..
    The season of the Beast from 2004 till 2007 )

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