Listen to the Junior Eurovision 2014 themesong “#together”!

The Junior Eurovision 2014 themesong has just been presented, listen to “#together” sang by the last year’s winner Gaia Cauchi below:

“#together“, the theme song of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 has been launched today at mid-day at Gaia Cauchi’s school St. Francis School in Sliema. The song has been performed for the first time in public by the last year’s Junior Eurovision winner.

The theme song is composed by Elton Zarb and Gordon Bonello, and penned by Mat Muxu.

The event will also host a dance show prepared by a group of young dancers called Dance Project under the direction of Kristina Ann Schranz.


The launch has been held in the presence of the Minister for Home Affairs and National Security, Dr Emanuel Mallia who is also responsible for the national broadcasting station, the Chairman of PBS, Dr Tonio Portughese, the CEO of PBS and Executive Producer of the show, Mr Anton Attard and the Head of School Sr Edmondina #together with members of the Maltese JESC Delegation, lecturing staff and all the students attending the school.



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