Latvia 2023: 121 songs are submitted to Supernova 2023

Latvian national broadcaster, LTV, has stated that 121 songs have been submitted to enter Supernova 2023, the Latvian national selection.

Supernova 2023

The songs that were submitted for Supernova 2023 are 9 less than in 2022, but that does not necessarily mean there will be not enough to enjoy during Supernova 2023.

The next phase is that a jury that is formed by LTV will have a listen to all the entries. LTV stated that its jury has a couple of main focus points, which are: Originality, arrangement, message, how current a song is, opportunities and potential, vocal abilities of the artist(s), but also the personality and previous achievements of artists, and the potential opportunities of an artist to generate more success in the future.

The artists that will perform in Supernova 2023 will probably be revealed in January of 2023. The Latvian national selection will be held in February 2023. How the Supernova 2023 format will be is yet to be announced.

Latvia in Eurovision 2022

In 2022 Latvia was represented by the band Citi Zēni, they did not make it to the Grand Final, finishing 14th (out of 17) in Semi-final 1 with the song “Eat Your Salad”, which was a bit controversial because of its sort of muted first sentence (“Instead of meat, I eat veggies and p*ssy”).

Source: EBU YouTube channel, Citi Zeni – Eat Your Salad (Latvia)
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