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Junior Eurovision 2022: Maléna and Rosa Linn will be interval acts

During the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Yerevan (Armenia) last year’s Junior Eurovision winner, the Armenian Maléna, and this year’s regular song contest participant, and by now international popstar, Rosa Linn, will perform. Malena will even perform her new single, “Can’t Feel Anything”. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will take place on December 11th 2022 in Yerevan, Armenia.

Rosa Linn

Rosa Linn was this year’s Armenian representative in the regular Eurovision Song Contest in the Italian city of Turin. After becoming 5th (out of 17) in Semi-final 1, Rosa Linn became 20th (out of 25) in the Grand Final. Her rise to fame started when her Eurovision entry “Snap” became a TikTok sensation, and then the TV program appearances started, also in the USA, which is one of the pinnacles to become famous for artists. These days Snap is one of the most-streamed Eurovision Song Contest songs of all time. In the Fall of 2022 Rosa Linn released a song together with Dutch Eurovision 2019 winner, Duncan Laurence. During the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Rosa Linn will perform a new version of her hit song Snap, which will feature genuine Armenian instruments.
Source: EBU YouTube channel, Malena – Qami Qami (Armenia)
Source: EBU YouTube channel, Rosa Linn – Snap (Armenia)
Source: EBU YouTube channel, Rosa Linn & Duncan Laurence – WDIA (Would Do It Again)

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