Krisia Todorova records Junior Eurovision 2015 theme-song #Discover!

The theme-song for this year’s Junior Eurovision is recorded!

Yesterday, Krisia Todorova (Bulgaria 2014) spent the evening in the studio lending her voice to the official song of Junior Eurovision 2015 “#Discover”. The song has been written by Evgeni Dimitrov (co-composer of “Planet of the Children”), Vasil Ivanov-Dexter, and Gordon Bonello (Head of Show for Junior Eurovision 2015). The lyrics were written by the Maltese singer Matt Muxu, who also wrote “#Together” and other (Junior) Eurovision entries, such as “Warrior”, “The Start” or “Diamonds”.

“I like it a lot. It’s very modern, catchy and will become a hit. Through music we can discover everything”, stated Krisia. “The slogan #Discover could mean a wide range of things. We want to show Europe how beautiful Bulgaria is and how warm the people are here. We would like Europe to discover the talents in Bulgaria and to send our message to all children – to discover things like hope, friendship and the future”, said Gordon Bonello.

The song will be presented on September 26. Stay tuned!



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