Junior Eurovision: Watch the official video of Albania’s “Stand by you”

The Albanian public television RTSH has just released the video for “Stand by you”, Anna Gjebrea’s theme for Junior Eurovision 2021. The theme has not undergone major changes since the Junior Fest preselection and remains in its original structure.

Anna Gjebrea has been selected by the RTSH to represent Albania at Junior Eurovision 2021 next December in Paris, after her short break last year due to covid19. Adam Watts, Gannin Arnold and Sanni M’Mairura have been in charge of composing “Stand By You” while the authors of the lyrics are Endi Çuçi and Anna Gjebrea herself.

After confirming the return to the Junior Festival 2021 last August and announcing the Junior Fest as a selection method, last Saturday the RTSH made the recording of the gala in which the representative of Albania has been selected in Junior Eurovision 2021.

The country will participate for the seventh time in Junior Eurovision next December, The country reached the best position of it in 2015, when Mishela Rapo was in fifth place with her song ‘Dambaje’. In the rest of the participations they have obtained a 12th place, two 13th places and two 17th places in the rankings, the last one achieved in 2019 by Isea Çili and hers Mikja Ime Fëmijëri

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