Junior Eurovision: Watch the second Bulgarian semi-final today

The second semi-final of the Bulgarian national selection for Junior Eurovision 2016 will be held today live from Sofia.

After the second semi-final, the only 11 candidates who remain in the competition will fight for one of the five final spots. You can find the song each participant will perform at today’s show below:

  1. Gergana Todorova – “Fighter” (Cristina Aguilera)
  2. Eleonora Dimitrova – “I Will Always Love You” (Whitney Houston)
  3. Valentina Kuncheva – “Stone Gold” (Demi Lobato)
  4. Nia Krusheva – “Hallelujah” (Alexandra Burke)
  5. Valentina Nikova – “Little Secret” (Nikki Janovsky)
  6. Preslava Petrova – “I Have Nothing” (Whitney Houston)
  7. Eleonora Ivanova – “I’d Rather Go Blind” (Beyoncé)
  8. Group Bon-Bon – “If Love Was a Crime” (Poli Genova)
  9. Dimitrina Germanova – “Memory” (From “Cats”)
  10. Lidiya Ganeva – “Who’s Loving You” (Michael Jackson)
  11. Simona Krasteva – “Listen” (Beyoncé)

This time, the participants will perform songs in free language with a professional jury panel deciding once again the 5 candidates that will go through to the final. You can watch the performances of the first semi-final here.

The way the jury votes in the semi-finals:

  • Each member will assess separately two main criteria – vocal performance and stage presence
  • After the performance of each participant, each jury member will award points from 0 to 5 for both vocal and stage performance.
  • Both scores are summed up and then converted to the traditional Eurovision system. The performer with the highest amount of points will receive 12 points, the second one – 10, the third 8, the fourth 7, the fifth 6 and all the way down until the tenth who is the last to receive points – in that case 1.
  • Juries will comment the performances and will fill out their score-sheets right after each performance.
  • In case there are performers with the same amount of points, the one with higher result in the vocal performance will be placed higher. If the results from the vocal performance criteria are the same, then the performers will be considered equal.
  • If there are performers who are considered equal and occupy e.g. 9th, 10th and 11th place in the first semi-final, all of them will proceed to the second semifinal.
  • If there are performers who are considered equal and occupy e.g. 5th, 6th, 7th place in the second semi-final, all of them will proceed to the final.

#ДецатаСаСупер – и утре от 21:00 по БНТ 1 и БНТ Свят ще го докажат за пореден път!

Geplaatst door BNT Eurovision Bulgaria op dinsdag 7 juni 2016


Follow the second Bulgarian semi-final at 20.00 CET by clicking here.

The final show will be held on Saturday, 11th of June, live from Sofia where the winner and Bulgarian representative for Junior Eurovision 2016 will be decided by a 50-50 mix of professional jury and televoting.

Keep in mind that the show will only reveal the Bulgarian representative as the song will be composed by the winner along with professional composers selected by BNT. The song presentation will take place on a TV show by the end of September.

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