Junior Eurovision: Twins regain the title, Chiara & Martina selected for Italy!

Twins Chiara & Martina Scarpari will finally represent Italy in Sofia!

After a lot of uncertainty, the final duel between Chiara & Martina and Giovanni Sutera Sardo has ended as last week. 15- year olds Chiara and Martina Scarpari have won again and they will represent Italy at Junior Eurovision.

Twins Chiara & Martina Scarpari became the winners of the national final held last Saturday, but the result was invalidated due to some technical problems in the final phase of the voting. As a result, RAI re-run today the final duel between Chiara & Martina and Giovanni Sutera Sardo, so the candidates performed again for the audience to vote.

The final duel has taken place during today’s edition of “Ti Lascio Una Canzone”, hosted by Antonella Clerici.

A little bit about Chiara & Martina Scarpari:

These Italian twins, who started taking singing lessons when they were 10 years, have taken part in numerous national and international competitions like New Wave Junior 2014 (3rd place), Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2014  (3rd place) or “Incanto Delianuova Festival” (1st place).

Are you happy with this re-election?



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