Junior Eurovision: The Netherlands opens submissions for 2015!

The Junior Songfestival 2014 has just ended and AVRO has now open submission for the next year’s edition confirming participation for 2015!

All the Dutch children who want take part at Junior Songfestival 2014 must visit the official web site of the contest and send a message or register on-line. There are some rules about the application:

  • The participants must be the composers of the song despite professional help being allowed.
  • The songs have to be performed mostly in Dutch language.
  • The person who writes the song can be the singer, vocalist or a member of the band.
  • The number of bands’ members can’t exceed 6 persons.
  • The song will be a maximum of 2.45 minutes in duration.
  • The applicants age must be from 10 to 15 years according to the EBU rules.
  • All participants must live in The Netherlands or have Dutch nationality.

Parents must allow the children to participate, and therefore, AVRO has published a special document for the parents to complete, a FAQ page is also available here. Applications can also be done by post or formulary attaching documents or sending CDs/DVDs with the required files.

Another chance to take part in the Junior Songfestival preselection is by the on-line competition, where all participants can win a place to the first audition of the contest. All who want to participation via the online competition must upload a video to Youtube singing their performance and fill a formulary. Viewers will be able to vote each video from 1 to 5 stars.

The Netherlands is one of the few countries which remain in the competition since the beginning (2003). They have taken part at Junior Eurovision 12 times getting the best place in 2009 when they won with Ralf and the song Click, Clack:

Julia will represent the Netherlands at this year’s Junior Eurovision to take place in Malta.

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