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Junior Eurovision: The 2019 trophy has arrived at the Gliwice Arena

19 contestants will fight for this year’s win after Roksana Wegiel’s victory in Minsk last year. We are bringing you some hints from tomorrow’s show!

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is just around the corner and 19 countries will fight to get the shiny, transparent and much desired crystal microphone which will entitle one of them as the winner of this year’s contest.

The show will be held on Sunday, the 24th of November, in Gliwice Silesia. Live from the Gliwice Arena, around 10.000 people will enjoy the 2:30 hour-show.

The motto for this year’s contest is #ShareTheJoy and even though there is only one winner, we can bluntly deduce that the person holding the trophy will share the emotions with the rest of the contestants. Freedom, light and joyness is where this scenario leads up to. They will all try to spread these values when going up on stage all together to perform the song produced by Eurovision 2018 Polish entrant, Gromee.

The line-up looks as it follows:

  1. Jordan Anthony – “We Will Rise” (Australia)
  2. Carla – “Bim Bam Toi” (France)
  3. Tatyana Mezhentseva & Denberel Oorzhak – “A Time For Us” (Russia)
  4. Mila Moskov – “Fire” (North Macedonia)
  5. Melani García – “Marte” (Spain)
  6. Giorgi Rostiashvili – “We Need A Love” (Georgia)
  7. Liza Misnikova – “Pepelny (Ashen)” (Belarus)
  8. Eliana Gomez Blanco – “We Are More” (Malta)
  9. Erin Mai – “Calon yn Curo (Heart Beating)” (Wales)
  10. Yerzhan Maxim – “Armanyńnan Qalma” (Kazakhstan)
  11. Viki Gabor – “Superhero” (Poland)
  12. Anna Kearney – “Banshee” (Ireland)
  13. Sophia Ivanko – “The Spirit of Music” (Ukraine)
  14. Matheu – “Dans Met Jou” (The Netherlands)
  15. Karina Ignatyan – “Colours Of Your Dream” (Armenia)
  16. Joana Almeida – “Vem Comigo (Come With Me)” (Portugal)
  17. Marta Viola – “La Voce Della Terra” (Italy)
  18. Isea Çili – “Mikja ime fëmijëri” (Albania)
  19. Darija Vračević – “Raise Your Voice” (Serbia)


The JESC 2019 contestants arrived in Poland on the 17th of November for the Opening Ceremony taking place the next day. The running order was decided by the producers after the draw which determined Poland being the 11th performing on Sunday, Australia as the first to sing and Serbia to be the last doing this same task. From that moment onwards, the delegations and the little stars have been busy resting, touring around Silesia region and giving their all during the individual and general rehearsals. Apart from they performances, they had to meet some commitments, as it refers to the postcards shooting. Each of the 19 videos will show different perspectives and places of Silesia, linked with an element which has been handed over to each one of the contestants. The kite will also play a big role with the flags of the countries being shown on TV during the live transmission.

The Jury Rehearsal took place today and the show promises quite a lot. Not only them but Roksana Wegiel will also perform on stage. She will deliver a rendition of her JESC 2018 winning entry ‘Anyone I Want To Be‘ with a shiny blue and sparking outfit and several dancers. Dancer Ida Nowakowska and Aleksander Sikora will join her as hosts of the entire finale tomorrow.

When it comes to deciding the winner, users were given the chance to start voting for their favorites on the 22nd of November at the official platform enabled for this purpose until the very last minute before the show starts. The online voting will reopen after all the songs have been performed on stage.

It will be up to a combination of the votes from the national juries and the online voting users to decide who will be taking home this amazing insignia, designed by Swedish glass-producer company Kosta Boda.

Who will get to be this year’s winner? Will they also agree on getting to host it?


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