Junior Eurovision: Official logo leaked at Steering Group meeting!

The Junior Eurovision reference group meeting is taking place today in Kiev.  EBU has already confirmed that around 12 countries are expected to take part at Junior Eurovision in Kiev as we can see below:

1380608_10151683254941200_1795268834_nThis is an extract of the Media Handbook that shows a rehearsals’ timetable, there are 12 countries on the list but EBU doesn’t dismiss the possibility of more countries joining. 9 countries have already confirmed participation: Malta, Armenia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, FYR Macedonia, Belarus and Georgia. Moldova and Israel are expected to confirm the next days and the full list of participants will be revealed during this week despite the fact EBU will be accepting more countries.

The official logo design has also been laked from that meeting:

960161_10153287847540542_850788322_nAs we know, the motto will be “Be Creative” so the official logo will have the appearance of a colourful jigsaw puzzle.

More information from the Junior Eurovision Steering Group will be revealed soon. Stay Tuned!



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