Junior Eurovision

Junior Eurovision: Listen to the Russian finalist songs!

Two days ago, the Russian finalists were published and now we can listen to the songs!

  1. “4 Frames” Band – Ulybnis’
  2. Camelia Pedan – Zhar-Ptitsa
  3. Sonya Lapshakova – A Ya Smogu!
  4. Vilena Hikmatullina – Vyshe Neba
  5. Alexandra Gorodetskaya – Parol’
  6. Darya Kim – Letat
  7. Misha Smirnov – Mechta
  8. Maria Mirova – Letat’
  9. Duet Vilena Hikmatullina and Katya Maneshina – Begi
  10. Eden Golan – Schast’yo
  11. Anna Tomilo – Ya Narisuyu
  12. Katya Maneshina – Ya Vybirayu Svet
  13. Duo “Caramel Sky” – Tvist-Syurpriz
  14. Yulia Asessorova – Oblaka
  15. Ekaterina Bizina – Otkroy Glaza
  16. Milana Pavlova – Pyatyy Okean 
  17. Darya Pereverzeva – Mir
  18. Sofya Fedorova – Zvezdopad



The 18 finalists were decided by a professional jury after live auditions held on September 19 at the Igor Krutoy’s Academy of popular music.

The Russian representative will be decided by a 50-50 mix of previous on-line voting and professional jury during a live show to be aired on September 25.

Which is your favourite song?



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