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Junior Eurovision: Here is the 2014 logo! (ESC+Plus in Copenhagen)

The Junior Eurovision team has just presented the logo for the upcoming edition to take place in Malta.

The logo along with the competition’s motto has been premiered  during a press conference which has taken place in the Eurovision 2014 press center located near the B&W Hallerne. The Junior Eurovision executive producer Vladislav Yakovlev has introduced and presented the new features and changes in the contest’s format in order to persuade new countries to take part in the competition.

Anton Attard also presented the logo and slogan for Junior Eurovision 2014:#together. The logo is designed on the elements of the Maltese eight pointed cross and its different segments are connected together in such a way that specific shapes are created. The dynamics of the connections make the logo clever, changeable and challenging.

The colour palette is bold and dynamic and takes its inspiration from the richness and diversity of the Maltese landscape: Sand, Sea, Stone, Grass, Sky, Dusk and Sunset. The harmonious blend of colours provides flexibility and vibrancy to all communication materials.

Junior Eurovision 2014 winner Gaia Cauchi has been also part of the press conference appearing in the room singing her song “The Start”. has had the chance to have a talk with the talented Maltese singer, stay tuned!


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