Junior Eurovision: German ARD launches participation poll!

The German broadcaster ARD has launched a poll where everyone is able to give their opinion about a possible participation at Junior Eurovision!

The poll has been published in a post called “Should Germany take part at Junior Eurovision?” and it has three options:

  1. Yes, any case (Ja, auf jeden Fall)
  2. No, please (Nein, bitte nicht)
  3. I don’t care (Ist mir egal)

The “yes” is currently leading the poll with a total of 158 votes, while 30 visitors have chosen “No” and 9 don’t care about it. See percentages below:


In the post, they explain a little bit of the history of the Junior German talent shows and the interest of the broadcasters in taking part at Junior Eurovision in the past. In 2003, a delegation of KiKa, the children channel shared by ARD and ZDF attended the contest but they were not pleased by the format.

The format has now changed and that could mean a possibility to have German in the competition, so they are looking for opinions. Moreover, ZDF together with Hungary’s national broadcaster, MTVA, were observers at last year’s contest in Malta. The EBU Executive Supervisor, Vladislav Yakovlev, said that he is hopeful that both countries will debut this year.

A few weeks ago, NDR (ARD) confirmed to ESC+Plus their participation at Junior Eurovision was yet to be decided. Will we finally see Germany taking part in Bulgaria?. By the time, you can help by clicking “Ja, auf jeden Fall” on the poll here (Just available in Germany).



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