Junior Eurovision: First rehearsals on-line

The first bunch of rehearsals has taken place this morning. Sweden, Azerbaijan, Armenia, San Marino and FYR Macedonia have already been on stage revealing some details of their performances:

Sweden: Elias, as he revealed us, will be accompanied by two guys on stage: two drummers.


Azerbaijan: Rustam will be accompanied by a group of five dancers starting the performance riding a human bike, during the performance a colourful big stave will be used to play the guitar and make original forms by the dancers.


Armenia: Monika and her team will show us a magic Chocolate Factory, a giant chocolate bar and two ice cream bowls will appear in the background, the dancers will also carry some ingredients: chocolate bars, ice creams, milk..


San Marino: Michele Perniola and his five dancers will emulate Michael Jackson’s movements during their performance:


FYR Macedonia: Barbara Popovic will give the same performance she presented on her preview video, two girls and a boy will be with her on stage.


Ukraine: Sofia Tarasova will be alone on stage as she told us on her interview.


Belarus: Ilya Volkov and the girls of Maxi Brix haven’t changed the staging from the national final.


Moldova: Rafael Bobeica will be accompanied on stage by four dancers and a “little angel”. They will perform a choreography with cubes decorated with landscapes


Georgia: The Smile Shop kids will perform with a quite similar staging to the one they showed on the official video clip.



The Netherlands: Myléne and Rosanne will use the same staging we watched at Junior Songestival.


Russia: Dayana Kirillova will be accompanied by four boys dancers and a lighting boat.


Malta: Gaia is the other participant to perform alone on stage.






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