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Junior Eurovision: Dutch national final date revealed

AVROTROS has revealed the date of its national final for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018. This year, the broadcaster will select the next Dutch representative from a live show that will take place on 29 September.


The Candidates

There isn’t so much information about the candidates that went through the audition phase of Junior Songfestival 2018. AVROTROS held two days of auditions last month, in which around 40 candidates performed willingly to represent The Netherlands in Minsk:

  1. Anna G.
  2. Anne B.
  3. Astera T.
  4. Bijou K.
  5. Britta C.
  6. Caitlin V.
  7. Casper S.
  8. Cato H.
  9. Demi v. d. B.
  10. Emmie M.
  11. Eva S.
  12. Febe J.
  13. Jada S.
  14. Jamie N.
  15. Jasmijn V.
  16. Jazz F.
  17. Jens H.
  18. Joëlle V.
  19. Jon H.
  20. Jonas S.
  21. July S.
  22. Kiya v. R
  23. Lars M.
  24. Madelief v. L.
  25. Max A.
  26. Miencke K.
  27. Mimi G.
  28. Noa Z.
  29. Pieter G.
  30. Rianne D.
  31. Eomay v. O.
  32. Roula B.
  33. Rune V. v. Z
  34. Sander S.
  35. Sem B.
  36. Sharieke d. R.
  37. Tom H.
  38. Xanne v. d. D.
  39. Yvana S.

You can watch video reports of both audition days below:

Tickets for the final show will go on sale in mid-June. Stay tuned!

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