Junior Eurovision: Denis Midone (2012) wants to come back for Moldova

Do you remember Denis Midone? He represented Moldova at Junior Eurovision 2012 with the song “Toate Vor Fi”:

Denis’ father has informed to that Denis, despite the Moldovan participation is yet to be decided, wants to take part at Junior Eurovision once more time, it would be with his new song “Spune Mi Ceva” (Chemistry) composed by Catalin Dascalu:


Singer and composer are looking for opinions in order to improve and make the perfect song for Junior Eurovision, Denis wants to bring back the pride to Moldova and he is determined to reach the top.

What do you think about Denis’ new song?



  1. Giorgito Babatselo

    June 3, 2014 at 13:40

    I think there is a rule in Junior Eurovision that says artists should not participate in the contest more than once.But I would like him to appear at least for a second time at Junior Eurovision.I think he was a good contestant back in 2012 and with this song I totally say “Yes,go Denis”.

    • Belén García (Spain)

      June 3, 2014 at 13:57

      There have been already two returning participants, Katya Ryabova who represented Russia at Junior Eurovision 2009 and 2011; and Lerika who represented Moldova in 2011 and Russia a year later 😉 So, it seems this rule doesn’t exist anymore!

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