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Junior Eurovision: Dayana Kirillova for Russia!

Russian final just end and we have a winner! 11 years old Dayana Kirillova from Kazan will represent Russia at Junior Eurovision 2013 in Kiev (Ukraine).


The grand final of Russian preselection has taken place early this morning, 18 acts have been performed in the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow. The final results are as It follows:

  1. Dayana Kirillova – Mechtay 12,19
  2. Elizaveta Puris – Noviy den 10, 22
  3. Sofiya Fisenko – Luchshiye druzya 9,20 
  4. Valeriya Eroshenko – Nebo v Nochi 8, 26
  5. Angelina Koleshnikova – Ryzhaya 7,08
  6. Kvartet 4ever – Prosto Drug 6,63
  7. Ulyana Kuznetsova – Devochka-Prazdnik 6, 06
  8. Larisa Grigoryeva – Bobochka 5,91
  9. Anastasiya Egorkina – Muzyka 5,74
  10. Diana Soldyseva – Polovinki 5,60
  11. Duet Druzhnie-Sestyonki – Utki Poyut 4,90
  12. Kseniya Mulina – Vyshe Nulya 3,73
  13. Anastasiya Zulieva – Mechta 3,40
  14. Anna Muzafarova – Na Oblakah 2,99
  15. Vanessa Bezrodnaya – Dinamit 2,59
  16. Alisa Sementina – Raspahnyom my krylya 1,98
  17. Vyacheslav Kvsov – Tantsuy pod lunoy 1,91
  18. Arina Bagaryakova – Hudozhnik 1,62


The winner song has been selected by a mix of public televote and professional jury. Dayana Kirillova took part at Russian preselection 2012 with the song Pyat’ Minut du Uroka coming second and she will represent her country at Slavic Bazaar 2013 in Vitebsk.

Here is her Official Web Site where you can leave her a message, find photos, videos and more info:


Lerika, last years’ Russian representative,  has opened the contest as guest performing a remix of her song Sensatiya and has given Diana the tropy at the end of the competition. Buranovskie Babushki, Lerika and all finalists together have performaed during the interval act.

The results’ and winner’s reprise video can be found here.


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