Junior Eurovision: BTRC announces Belarusian national finalists

Today BTRC has held live auditions to select the acts that will compete at this year’s national final show for Junior Eurovision. 62 candidates have performed in front of a jury panel willing to represent Belarus on home soil. 

This year the Belarusian broadcaster received 62 applications that have been evaluated live by a professional jury panel, made up of musicians, composers and producers. You can find the candidates that have gone through the live audition phase below:

  1. Group Myata (Minsk) – Odnazhdy (Once Upon a Time)
  2. Daniel Alex Yastremsky (Minsk) – Time
  3. Elizaveta Meya (Zhodino, Minsk region) – Zorka
  4.  Artem Skorol (Oshmyany, Grodno region) – Ulybnis (Smile)
  5. Angelina Yaroshchuk (Minsk) – Feeling Good
  6. Vocal group Monkey Tops (Minsk) – Na Stile (In Style)
  7. Maria Zhilina (Minsk) – Welcome To My Belarus
  8. Yaroslav Sokolikov (Minsk) – Mir Na Zemle (Peace on Earth)
  9. Nikita Belko (Minsk) – Ne Preday (Do Not Betray)
  10.  Maria Gulevich (Minsk) – Island Chikarum

В Белтелерадиокомпании проходит прослушивание претендентов на участие в национальном отборе на детское "Евровидение -2018"

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The Belarusian national final will be held live no later than 15 September. The winner and national representative for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will be selected by the votes of a professional jury and TV viewers.

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