Junior Eurovision: Belarus launches competition to select 2018 logo and slogan

BTRC has announced an open competition to choose the logo and theme art for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018. A few months ago, Belarus was selected to host the next year’s edition by the members of the steering group.

“Annually, the host country chooses a special theme of the show, which is visualized through a logo and a slogan. They set the general mood of the contest. The show now depends on the creative ideas of the audience and fans of the contest. Anyone can suggest a design of the emblem, as well as a bright motto of the competition in English. The main condition is uniqueness and originality”, stated BTRC.

Logos and slogans should be sent no later than November 15th, 2017 to the following address: 220807, Minsk, str. Makaenka, 9, marked Junior Eurovision-2018. They can also be sent to the following e-mail of Belteleradiocompany: [email protected]. The winner will become part of the creative team of the contest and will be involved in preparations.

Belarus will host Junior Eurovision 2018:

Minsk was selected to host Junior Eurovision 2018 a few months ago, after a voting of the steering group members. To ensure the longevity of the contest and allow more time for preparations, they decided to remove the clause of the Rules that gave the winning broadcaster the right to host the contest.

It’s interesting to know that applications to host the event weren’t made public. Moreover, this decision makes the first time since 2012 that the winning country of Junior Eurovision will not have the right to host the contest the following year.

The capital of Belarus already hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, when the competition took place in the Minsk Arena.

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