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Junior Eurovision: Armenian entry “Love” to be premiered on October 6!

ARMTV announced today that the Armenian song for Junior Eurovision 2015 will be premiered soon, on October 6!

12-year old Mika Varosyan, who was internally selected to represent Armenia, has been actively working the last days to compose her entry called “Love”.

The song, a Rock ‘n’ Roll track never been presented by the previous Armenian entries, will be premiered together with the music video. “Love” carries a message of the importance of love and laugher, and spreads the positive energy with the help of amazing dance rhythms. The song is composed by Lilith Navasardyan, lyrics by Avet Barseghyan. Co-composed and co-written by MIKA.

“I’m very excited to share this song with everyone! I really enjoyed creating it together with Lilit and Avet. My song carries the message of the importance of love, it is very rhythmic and is filled with positive energy and emotions, my emotions. I think you are going to love it!”, says MIKA.

Composer Lilit Navasardyan says that MIKA’s charismatic personality and the endless energy inspired her to create a Rock ‘n’ Roll song specially for the young artist. “The song fits MIKA perfectly. Basically, it’s about him. I was very excited when I first heard him singing it, as the song explores his talent in a completely new way. I’m very happy with what we have now. I think our team has done an amazing job.”

Writer Avet Barseghyan confessed it was really challenging to come up with lyrics for a song that has a very unique musical structure. “This song was an interesting challenge for me. It is very unique and I’m sure that it will explore MIKA’s vocal and dancing skills. The lyrics are based on a wordplay of two words: the English “Love” and the Armenian “Lav” meaning good. This song is filled with joy, positive emotions and catchy rhythms, so good luck not dancing in your seats when you hear him sing it!”

Source:  Armenian Public Broadcaster
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