#BestOfJESC – Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006

Today, we look back on the fourth edition of Junior Eurovision!

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 took place on December 2 at Sala Polivalenta in Bucharest, Romania.


  1. Pedro Madeira – Deixa-Me Sentir
  2. Cyprus: Luis Panagiotou & Christina Christofi – Agoria Koritsia
  3. The Netherlands: Kimberly – Goed
  4. Romania: New Star Music – Povestea Mea
  5. Ukraine: Nazar Slyusarchuk – Khlopchyk Rock-n-roll
  6. Spain: Dani – Te Doy Mi Voz
  7. Serbia: Neustrašivi Učitelji Stranih Jezika – Učimo Strane Jezike
  8. Malta: Sophie Debattista – Extra Cute
  9. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Zana Aliu – Vljubena
  10. Sweden: Molly Sandén – Det Finaste Någon Kan Få
  11. Greece: Chloe Sofia Boleti – Den Peirazei
  12. Belarus: Andrey Kunets – Noviy Den
  13. Belgium: Thor! – Een Tocht Door Het Donker
  14. Croatia: Mateo Đido – Lea
  15. Russia: The Tolmachevy Twins – Vesenniy Jazz




  • The hosts were Andreea Marin Bănică and Ioana Ivan, and Dracula also popped in. Ioana is the only main host of JESC to be young enough to have competed in JESC.
  • The interval acts were Ksenia Sitnik, the previous year’s winner, a break-dancing v traditional Romanian dance dance-off and a medley of the previous Romanian JESC contestants.
  • Denmark, Norway, Latvia and the United Kingdom withdrew from the competition, the combined country of Serbia and Montenegro no longer existed having split into the seperate countries of Serbia, who stayed in JESC, and Montenegro, who didn’t join until 2014. Portugal and Ukraine made their debuts in 2006.
  • Romania were represented by 4 ‘superheroes’, Prince Charming, Spider Man, Harry Potter and Peter Pan, with the ‘surprise’ that Peter Pan and Spider Man were girls.
  • Serbia sent Neustrašivi Učitelji Stranih Jezika (Fearless Teachers of Foreign Language) with a song that used more languages than any other JESC entry. While the main language used was Serbian, it also used English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese.
  • Malta were represented by Sophie Debattista, the younger sister of Charlotte Debattista who represented Malta in the 2004 JESC as a part of the Young Talent Team.
  • SVT, the previous broadcaster for Sweden, withdrew but were replaced by TV4. They sent Molly Sandén who was accompanied by her sisters, Frida and Mimmi who would be the next 2 representative of Sweden, in 2007 and 2009.
  • Greece were represented by Chloe Boleti who had been the spokesperson in 2004.
  • Russia were represented by the Sisters Tolmachevy who won the competition. Identical twins Anastasiya and Mariya were the first twins to appear at JESC and the only twins to have won so far. The sisters also represented Russia in the 2014 ESC with the song “Shine”, where they came 9th in the final. This made them the first JESC winners to appear at ESC, the first act to appear at both JESC and ESC with the same line-up and the first JESC act make the finals of ESC.

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#BestOfJESC, Junior Eurovision

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