Italy: Sanremo final line-up completed!

The semi-final of Sanremo has just ended! A total of 16 contenders out of 20 from the Campioni Category (Eurovision candidates) have qualified for the national final which is scheduled to take place tomorrow Saturday 14th.

The line-up for the final of Sanremo 2015 is as it follows:

  1. Lorenzo Fragola – Siamo uguali
  2. Irene Grandi – Un vento senza nome
  3. Il Volo – Grande amore
  4. Marco Masini – Che giorno è
  5. Nina Zilli – Sola
  6. Bianca Atzei – Il solo al mondo
  7. Moreno – Oggi ti parlo così
  8. Annalisa – Una finestra tra le stelle
  9. Malika Ayane – Adesso e qui (Nostalgico presente)
  10. Chiara – Straordinario
  11. Dear Jack – Il mondo esplode tranne noi
  12. Nek – Fatti avanti amore
  13. Nesli – Buona fortuna amore
  14. Alex Britti – Un attimo importante
  15. Grazia Di Michele e Platinette – Io sono una finestra
  16. Gianluca Grignani – Sogni infranti

The 16 qualifiers have been decided through a mix of public televote, professional jury and audience together with the previous rankings from the first two shows.

At tomorrow’s national final there will be two voting rounds. During the first one, the 16 qualifiers will perform their original songs again and the three most voted songs according to a mix of public televote (40%), professional jury (30%) and audience (30%) will make it to the second round. During the second round, the selected three artists will perform again and the winning artist of the 65th Sanremo Festival will be chosen by a mix of jury, televote and audience.

What do you think about tonight’s results?


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