Israel: New broadcaster IPBC applies for EBU membership

Following the closure of IBA, the brand new Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation has applied for the European Broadcasting Union membership, which will allow them to participate at the Eurovision events. Israel will be able to take part at any of the Eurovision events once approved by the European Broadcasting Union.

IBA stopped broadcasting on the 13th of May after having been on air for almost six decades. Ofer Nachshon, the Israeli spokesperson, said goodbye in the name of the broadcaster right before giving the votes of the national jury panel during the Eurovision 2018 Grand Final.

A few days ago, the EBU expressed concerns regarding the government interference and the lack of news broadcasts. However, the last issue has been apparently solved as KAN has recently started the broadcast of news. It’s time to wait and see if the European Broadcasting Union approves the new Israeli membership, so the Asian country will be able to participate in the Eurovision contests.

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