Israel: HaKochav HaBa selects its third finalist – Check today’s results!

There is only one week left for the final of Israel’s HaKochav HaBa L’Eurovision and we already know three finalists. On Saturday, we’ll find out which act will get the last ticket to the final, completing the line-up.

The results were as follows:

  • Daniel Barzilai (50%)
  • Ketreyah (92%)
  • Shefita (65%)
  • Avraham de Carvalho (89%)

Ketreyah, who got the highest score, went through this heat and will join Shalva Band, Maya Buskila and the fourth qualifier at the final.

At today’s broadcast, it was announced that Kobi Merimi and Osher Biton had been given a second chance. So, both candidates will take part in a special duel at the next show on Thursday 7th February. The winner will go through to Saturday’s show, from which the fourth finalist will be selected.

As always, all the performances are available to watch on Mako’s official site.

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