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UPDATE: Jeangu Macrooy WILL represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2020

UPDATE 14:30CET: Jeangu Macrooy was confirmed as the Dutch representative by @Eurovision official Twitter account and Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS.

“The song he delivered touched us right away. We are very happy that Jeangu wants to go on this journey with us!”, said AVROTROS

Jeangu is equally as delighted with the news: “I am indescribably honoured! It’s a dream come true and the most beautiful thing that has come my way so far. My team and I are excited to make the Netherlands proud! Let’s go!”

Two Dutch newspapers, Het Parool and the Algemeen Dagblad, report that 26-year old Jeangu Macrooy is going to represent the Netherlands during the Eurovision Song Contest of 2020.

According to the sources, the singer was chosen through an internal selection, but apart from this information, both newspapers do not elaborate on the matter. Macrooy became known for his continuous performances during the Netherlands’ daily talk-show De Wereld Draait Door, and for his role as Judas in the annual Dutch Easter performance of The Passion back in 2018; the latter was directed by Eric van Tijn, this year’s Dutch Musical Director of the Contest. Dutch broadcaster NOS is set to give more information soon about the representative of their country during the 2020 Contest.

Free time

A thorough NOS reporter noticed that Jeangu Macrooy has planned somewhat more than two weeks off during the weeks of rehearsals and performances of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, and next to that he has one day off on April 4th, the night of Eurovision in Concert. Next to this, a popular Dutch radio DJ said that this year’s Dutch representative’s name starts with the letter “J”, so it all adds up, but we are not perfectly sure just yet…

Source: RTL Late Night

English language soul

Jeangu Macrooy’s music can be best described as “English language modern soul”. The singer already performed during Dutch international-oriented festivals, like Lowlands and the North Sea Jazz Festival. Jeangu is a two-time nominee for the national Dutch music awards, and he has received raving reviews for his live performances; a music blog even wrote that he has the singing voice of Sam Cooke. Macrooy has released two studio albums and multiple singles, and he regularly tours the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France.

Grant international ambitions

This singer has grant international ambitions, about which he says:

“I am looking far beyond the borders of the Netherlands. I dream about international concert tours, and travelling the world with large-scale productions. My brother Xillan, who is also in my band, and I, used to watch performances of Beyoncé on television, and I always thought to myself: I want to do that, and I am able to do that.”

Private life

About the private life of Jeangu Macrooy we know that he was born in Paramaribo, Surinam (former Dutch colony in South-America). The singer-songwriter has been living in The Netherlands for the past two years. After studying in the academies of music in the Dutch cities of Hengelo and Enschede, he moved to the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Moving fit his musical ambitions to broaden the horizons of his career, and by new developments in his love-life, as Macrooy moved in with his boyfriend, Sebas.

Next to being known for his music, Macrooy also said that he wants to be a gay role model for young people who come from Surinam, where being gay is mostly not accepted. Macrooy stated the following about this topic:

“As an artist I was given a stage to show the world who I really am, and by doing so I can be an advocate for change. I hope I can play a significant part for youngsters in Surinam who are discovering who they are, and their place in the world.”

Sources:Het Parool, Algemeen Dagblad, NPO

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