Interviews after the 2nd day of rehearsals of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Yesterday we spoke to three contestants of this year’s Junior Eurovision Contest. The young participants of Malta, Italy, and Georgia were so nice to speak to us, and to give us a bit of an insight in who they are, what they think of this year’s host city Paris, but also whether they like ice cream more than cake. In short, we got to know these three contestant a little better.


Ike & Kaya, the Maltese competitors of this year’s junior edition of the Eurovision Song Contest talked to us about whether they like holidays better than school, but also about if they are the coolest kids in school now that they are competing in the contest. Did you know that these contestants are really a couple, and by being so, we think that they are the cutest.


We had the chance to have an interview with Elisabetta from Italy. With her song ”Specchio (Mirror on the Wall” she is definitely going to rock the La Seine Musicale area, Måneskin-style. Elisabetta is one cool girl, and a true fashionista at that. Did you know that this contestant has a dog that is called Mia? The dog’s name means “mine” in Italian, and the dog really is Elisabetta’s. Courteous, lovely, and full of energy, Elisabetta is the coolest!


Small, but brave, and super cool, that is the best way to describe Niko from Georgia. He has incredible dance moves on stage, and sings the song “Let’s Count the Smiles”, which is a very upbeat song about being simply happy and positive. Niko is a frontrunner when it comes down to being happy. He is happy to be in Paris, happy to meet lots of new people, and happy to compete in what might just be one of the biggest events of his life.

We wish the contestants lots of luck in the upcoming days, and obviously on Sunday December 19th when the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will take place in Paris, France.


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