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Ryan Dolan: I worked at my Fathers petrol station and also as an electrician for a while.

Esc+Plus some days ago interviewed Ireland’s 2013 representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. This is what he said us:

ESC+Plus: Hi Ryan! First of all, congratulations on your song for The Eurovision Song Contest! How the idea to represent Ireland came?

Ryan: My Managment introduced me to my Eurovision mentor and he choose me as his act for the Irish national final as it has always been my dream to represent Ireland at Eurovision.

E+: Do you usually watch the Eurovision Song Contest? What do you think about the contest?

R: Eurovision is big in our house so my oldest memories would be the whole family gathering around the
TV and watching Rock n Roll Kids win. We made a big deal about it and made it a family affair.

E+: How will your performance look like?

R: The staging will be the same, I’m extremely happy with how it has all turned out so I won’t be changing it. It will obviously just be on a bigger scale but you will just have to wait and see its all a surprise!

E+: Have you heard the song from the other countries? Any Favorite?

R: My favourite song in this year’s contest would be Robin Sternberg’s- You. I definitely have tough competition.

E+: To perform in live concerts or  to record in the studio? 

R: I like both there so different but both so rewarding. You cant beat the rush though of proforming live in front of a crowd.

E+: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

R: My style ranges from Pop to dance with Michael Jackson being a huge influence. Im aslo a huge fan of queen.

E+:  How long have you been in the music world?

R: I’ve loved music since i was a kid. My passion has come from my parents who both love music and love to sing. Its only on the past few years that ive built up the confidence to get out there and sing.

E+: Have you ever had a job different from singer?

R: I worked at my Fathers petrol station and also as an electrician for a while.

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