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Interview: Sebalter (Switzerland 2014) speaks to ESC+Plus!

Switzerland chose this lovely guy to represent them some weeks ago, now it is our time to let you know what he thinks about it and the Eurovision Song Contest which he will be doing in May.

ESC+Plus: Hello Sebalter! Congratulations on winning the ticket which will lead you to the Eurovision Song Contest representing Switzerland and thanks for giving us the chance to have a little talk with you.

Sebalter: Thank you!

ESC+Plus: As well all know, Swiss selection was a large and long process, how did you experience the whole thing? Which do you think it was the strongest act in the national selection?

Sebalter: It was a climax, it started as a game, and it became something serious. It was like building a house, it was (and still is) a working progress. In my opinion Yasmina was really good.

ESC+Plus: What was the first thing that came off to your mind when the result was announced by the host? Who was the first person that congratulated you when you just won?

Sebalter: It was a shock. I don’t even think that something came to my mind in that moment. I was just overwhelmed.

ESC+Plus: Have you already met any previous Swiss Eurovision representative? What did they told you?

Sebalter: I met Sinplus and Paolo Meneguzzi. They told me that no matter what happens, Eurovision is a fantastic experience.

ESC+Plus: Now that you’re determined to attend the contest in May, how will you be preparing your way to Copenhagen?

Sebalter: I will certainly continue working on my song and my performance. We are also planning some promotional dates in some countries which will participate in the ESC in Copenhagen. In addition, there will be concerts in Switzerland.

ESC+Plus: 170 million people or even more will be watching you, how does that make an impact on you?

Sebalter: Of course I`m getting a bit nervous thinking about the show. But I will try to stay myself and to give my very best on stage.

ESC+Plus: As for the performance, are you going to add any element or are you will play alone on stage?

Sebalter: I will add some choreographic elements to the show.

ESC+Plus: Promotion before the contest has always been really important, are you planning to visit any other countries in order to let the contest fans listen to Hunter of Stars?

Sebalter: Yes, I’m planning to go to Lithuania, England and The Netherlands.

ESC+Plus: How was your experience in Malta’s Eurosong?

Sebalter: Fantastic, it was amazing to be part of the national final in a country in which Eurosong is so huge. Beautiful.

ESC+Plus: What could Sebalter contribute to the contest and what will the contest give to you?

Sebalter: What I get:  I am a songwriter and this is a great way to promote my music.

What I can give: My music is somehow different to the traditional Eurovision songs. I can therefore increase the diversity of the musical choice.

ESC+Plus: Some countries already picked their entries, have you listened to any of them? Who is currently your favourite?

Sebalter: I haven`t checked all the songs from my contributors. From what I saw, I really like the band that won Malta`s final.

ESC+Plus: Thanks for your time and see you in Copenhagen, good luck!

Sebalter: Thank you very much for your support! I am happy to be part of the ESC this year!

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