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Interview: Firelight (Malta 2014) speaks to ESC+Plus!

Next Eurovision act who has an interview with us to show off is well-known Malta’s Firelight, they will enjoying the 2nd semifinal on the 8th of May at B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen. Get to know what they want you to know and their plans for these 2 months before the contest comes!

ESC+Plus: As well all know, well-established 2014 Malta Eurovision Song Contest was a large and hard process, how did you guys experience the whole thing? Who do you think it was the strongest act?

Firelight: It was quite an event. We enjoyed it thoroughly. We have entered before but can’t tell you how fantastic it was to win. There were so many good competitors but we are delighted it will be us who get to represent Malta in Copenhagen.

ESC+Plus: What was the first thing that came off to your mind when the result was announced by the hosts?

Firelight: It was a mixture of shock, surprise and pleasure. You name it, we experienced it.

ESC+Plus: Have you already met any previous Maltese Eurovision representative? Gianluca, perhaps? What did they told you?

Firelight: We certainly have. Gianluca is great.  Everybody loves him and he’s given us tremendous support. Thanks to him sharing his experiences we know what to expect at the finals.

ESC+Plus: Now that you’re determined to attend the contest in May, how will you be preparing your way to Copenhagen?

Firelight: One of our first jobs is to make a video. The ideas are on paper and we are ready to shoot. And, of course, we want to become better known in other countries so we will be reaching out far and wide to let Europe know about us and our music.

ESC+Plus: As for the performance, are you going to add any element or are your guys will play alone on stage?

Firelight: Wait to see. Maybe we have a surprise in store.

ESC+Plus: Promotion before the contest has always been really important, are you planning to visit any other countries?

Firelight: We will certainly visit some countries. We will not be able to get to them all, but we will try to make an impact through social media and traditional media.

ESC+Plus: What do you think about last’s years act, Gianluca with Tomorrow?

Firelight: It was excellent. Some exciting things are happening with music in Malta right now. Gianluca and his song were very good. We are going in a different direction with our music, which only goes to show what a varied music scene we have here.

ESC+Plus: Is the voting system in the final right for you? Do you think is fair to count the televoting the same way as a single person?

Firelight: We are not getting hung up about the voting system. The best song usually wins through. We must ensure we give a good performance on the night but we believe in our music and hope to make an impact.

ESC+Plus: What would be the best way to select an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest for you?

Firelight: We enjoyed the selection process in Malta.

ESC+Plus: 170 million people or even more will be watching you, how does that make an impact on you?

Firelight: We will perform just for Mum and Dad. We know they’ll be watching and that will make us happy.

ESC+Plus: Apart from coming 1st, 15th or 26th or not reaching the final, would you make a come-back to the contest?

Firelight: We are not thinking past 10th May. We are thrilled to be in the contest this year and that’s what we are concentrating on.

ESC+Plus: What could Firelight contribute to the contest and what will the contest give to you?

Firelight: Eurovision often often has gimmicks. Our gimmick is quality music. We have experiemented with music and produced a special sound that mixes various genres. For us, the contest gives us a chance to show off our music to a wide audience and we are very grateful for that.

ESC+Plus: Some countries already picked their entries, have you listened to any of them? Who is currently your favourite?

Firelight: It’s early days. There are many songs still to be selected but we look forward to hearing them all over time.

ESC+Plus: Thank you guys, we wish Malta all the best for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest! Can’t wait to see them in Copenhagen!

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