International stars willing to represent UK at Eurovision

Two international stars have recently revealed their hopes to represent the United Kingdom at the biggest competition in Europe. Robbie Williams and James Blunt are willing to bring the British their best result at the Eurovision Song Contest after years of unsuccessful attempts.

Robbie Williams revealed to the UK’s commentator Scott Mills that he was considering to wave his country’s flag on the big stage:

“I asked Robbie not so long ago if he’d do it and he said he was considering it. He is a fan and I don’t think he was joking. He’d be awesome as he’s an amazing performer. All it would take is for one big performer or person like him for other stars to go, ‘OK, I’m doing it’ to immediately change the perception of Eurovision.”, said Mills.

“If everyone saw Eurovision in the way that countries like Sweden and the Scandinavian artists do, then big artists will go. Actually, it’s not a shameful thing to be part of’. We could win in the future – it just needs a slight mindset change, which I think is happening but it could still take a while. If Robbie can’t win Eurovision for us, then no one can.”, he added.

The Sun (10th May 2018)

The English singer-songwriter and former British Army officer James Blunt seems ready to do Eurovision. He has clearly stated his willingness to help BBC and the UK achieve a good place in the contest:

“This year’s winning song was great, it was exciting, different and full of character. I’m sad that the UK never wins, but I’m just waiting for them to call me because I’m here just to fix it. I plan to do Eurovision whenever the UK is just ready to win”, Blunt told the Estonian online magazine Publik.

Publik (20th May 2018)

Do you think they could bring Eurovision back to the United Kingdom?


One thought on “International stars willing to represent UK at Eurovision

  1. What about the following:

    * Charlotte Church
    * Connie Talbot
    * Ed Sheeran
    * Ellie Goulding (London 2020, maybe?)
    * Jasmine Thompson
    * Joe McElderry
    * Little Mix
    * Marina and the Diamonds
    * Rae Morris
    * Sarah Brightman

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