Iceland and Daði og Gagnamagnið are proclaimed winners of #eurostream2020

A few minutes ago, the first edition of Eurostream 2020 ended. The European jury and the public selected Daði og Gagnamagnið as the first winner of EuroStream, the online competition organized by some of the large Eurovision news websites in which they have joined forces to celebrate this event after the cancellation of Eurovision due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With 434 points obtained by the jury and the public, the Icelandic representative has managed to win the first edition of EuroStream with the song “Think About Things“, becoming the first winner of this online Eurovision alternative created by some of the large Eurovision news websites that have joined forces to organize this event after the cancellation of Eurovision due to the COVID-19 crisis.

As in Eurovision 2020, two semifinals were held throughout the week in which 10 participants qualified to participate in today’s Grand Final by joining the 6 countries automatically qualified. (BIG5 + Host) .

The winner has been determined through the votes of the jury and the public through online televoting. You can see the results of today’s voting below.

Jury Votes
Final Votes

Gunther Ooms, Joël Braem and Lisa-Jayne Lewis have been in charge of presenting the Eurostream 2020 Grand Final for the whole world, while Jonathan Hendrickx has been responsible for announcing the results of the 41 participating countries and online televoting.

Simultaneously with the international broadcast, ESCplus España provided a live broadcast with comments in Spanish conducted by Iván Trejo, Hugo Carabaña and Adrián Valiente.

Eurostream 2020 is a joint project between the following partners, listed here alphabetically: 12 Points From America,, Ding-a-Dong Podcast,,,,,,,,,,, EuroWhat? Podcast,,,,,

Eurostream 2020 can be found on Facebook and Twitter, where the latest information about the upcoming event will be shared. For answers on more practical questions regarding the project, broadcasts and voting, we kindly redirect you to the joint website,

From here we can only congratulate the winner of the night, and we hope that all of you who have followed the event have enjoyed it as much as if it had been Eurovision.

Thank you all so much on behalf of the entire EuroSteam 2020 team!

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