Hungary: Line-up for “A Dal” final completed!

The second semi-final of the Hungarian selection A Dal has just finished and four more acts have made it to the grand final to take place next Saturday.

The four entries have qualified for the grand final after two voting rounds. In the first round, three qualifiers have been determined by the combination of the scores from each jury member (Jeno Csiszár, Magdi Rúsza, Pierrot and Philip Rákay) and an aggregate score from the audience’s SMS and cell phone app votes. In the second voting round, the remaining six entries which hadn’t qualified before have faced an SMS and mobile app vote in order to determine one additional qualifier.

The full line-up for the grand final of A Dal is now completed:

The next Saturday, February 28, Hungary will decide who will be waving the flag in Vienna with the final of A Dal taking place from Budapest.

Stay tuned!



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