Hungary: Last acts make it through to A Dal semifinals, check who they are!

The third heat of A Dal, Hungarian national selection show, is also over and six more acts made it through to the semifinals!

The qualifiers were determined by a two-round voting process. At round one, jury members (80%) together with public voting (20%) determined five acts. Then, at round two, the second chance was given to the sixth act with the highest points of a special public voting.

So which are the lucky qualified acts to compete on the A Dal semifinals? You can check them out below:

The other qualifiers:

A Dal heat 1 was held on January 23, when we got to know the first six qualifiers. Round one qualifiers were: Freddie, Benji, Mushu, Egy Másik Zenekar and Reni Tolvai. While, at round two, the second chance was given to ByTheWay.

A Dal heat 2 was held a week ago, on January 30, when we got to know another six qualifiers. At round one, the five qualifiers were: Kállay Saunders Band, Gergő Oláh, André Vásáry, Laci Gáspár and Karmapolis & Böbe Szécsi. While, at round two, the second chance was given to Passed.

The first semifinal will be held next week, so stay tuned to watch, vote and, of course, keep in touch with the upcoming news!

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Ani Shahoyan (Armenia)

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