Hungary: Kati Wolf returns!

A few hours ago, Kati Wolf announced her comeback to Hungary’s pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She participated in Eurovision 2011 with the song “What About My Dreams?“, finishing in the 22nd place in the final. Kati’s new song is entitled “Ne Engedj El!” and is fully performed in Hungarian. Unlike “What About My Dreams?”, “Ne Engedj El!” is a ballad.

Once again, the Hungarian national broadcaster MTVA will make the selection through “A Dal 2015”. The submissions deadline was in November 15th. The dates of the “A Dal 2015” TV shows haven’t been announced yet but it’s most likely to take place in January/February if they follow last year’s pattern.

After last year’s 5th place in the final with András Kállay-Saunders and the song “Running“, Hungary hope to achieve another great place in next year’s contest.



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