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How to Vote I Junior Eurovision 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

The winner of the 21st edition of the European competition will be chosen by the vote of the national juries and that of viewers at home through the official website www.jesc.tv

Junior Eurovision 2023, set to be held in Nice, France, is gearing up for its 21st edition this Sunday, November 26th, starting at 15:00 GMT. This much-anticipated event showcasing youthful European musical talent will air on BBC1 for the british audience.

Sixteen countries are in competition: Albania, Germany, Armenia, Spain, Estonia, France, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, North Macedonia, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine. Each nation will proudly represent its colors on the stage of the Palais Nikaïa in the coastal city of France. The artists’ aim is to revel in a unique competition where music, camaraderie, and friendship take center stage.

The burning question remains: Who will grasp the crystal microphone? The voting process will be pivotal in determining the winner of the European junior competition. Here’s a breakdown of how the winning act will be chosen.

Voting Mechanism at Junior Eurovision 2023

The voting structure for Junior Eurovision 2023 remains consistent with previous editions, maintaining a balance between national juries and online viewer participation, each contributing 50% to the final outcome.

As customary, expert panels assembled by each participating television station will rank the show performances, assigning points to the top 10 acts, excluding their own country. These national juries cast their votes during the general rehearsal, commonly known as the jury show, held on Saturday, November 25th.

Countries allocate points ranging from 1 to 8, 10, and 12, announced by national spokespersons from the festival venue. Subsequently, the hosts reveal the online viewer voting results, presenting the total points received by each act, ordered from the lowest to the highest ranking based on the preliminary phase judged by national juries.

The Audience Vote: Free, Simple, and Global Access

In contrast to the Eurovision Song Contest, in the junior competition, global viewers can vote for three acts, including their own country’s entry, if participating, through a free, swift, and secure online process via www.jesc.tv.

In 2023, the online voting process at www.jesc.tv will have two phases:

Phase 1 (from November 24th, 20:00 CET, to November 26th, 15:59 CET): During this period, viewers can select three favorite songs after watching snippets of the competing performances. Each device (computer, tablet, or mobile) allows only one vote.

Phase 2 (November 26th, after the Grand Final performances): After all acts perform, a 15-minute voting window will open for viewers to cast their three preferred votes, again limited to one vote per device.

To vote, no registration or personal information is required; a simple security question marks the end of the voting process. The organization will tally the registered votes, converting them into points, constituting a total of 928 points, mirroring the national jury’s contributions.

The viewers’ vote announcement could potentially alter the outcome, crucial in crowning the victor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Junior Eurovision 2023 Festival Highlights

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023, themed “Heroes,” is slated for November 26th, promising numerous novelties. France gears up to host the 21st edition in the coastal city of Nice, within the Palais Nikaïa venue. This edition returns to November after two years of holiday season celebrations.

The event’s logo incorporates the iconic Eurovision heart, a first in the history of the junior contest, proudly featuring the host country’s flag. The slogan and official theme art consist of vibrant and potent elements, signaling a colorful and empowering event.

France, building on the success of Paris 2021, spares no effort or resource to deliver a top-tier contest, aiming for a “unique and unforgettable” 21st edition.

With two victories to its name, France hosts the 21st edition of a children’s festival that solidifies its appeal among young audiences, offering a platform to budding musical talents worldwide.

In 2022, in Yerevan, Armenia, France clinched victory with the young singer Lissandro and his song “Oh Maman!” His charisma and boundless energy secured the coveted crystal microphone, amassing 203 points from national juries and online voters.

Junior Eurovision 2023 promises a thrilling showdown, celebrating music, friendship, and diversity, spotlighting Europe’s budding talents.

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