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Day 4 from Nice: A Glimpse into the Second Individual Rehearsals with Exclusive Clips

The artists return to the stage of the Palais Nikaïa to refine their performances for Sunday's show

The forth day of rehearsals for the Grand Final of Junior Eurovision 2023 has once again filled the Palais Nikaïa in the French town of Nice. After three days of tests and the artists’ first interaction with the impressive stage, we now have a preliminary insight into the stage ideas of the 16 participating countries.

Yesterday (and today), during the second individual rehearsals, each delegation is working to finalize and perfect their different stage productions to be flawless in front of the jury and the live broadcast this Sunday, November 26, from 16:00 CET.

As we are used to every year, each country has two individual rehearsals, during which they can take multiple shots of the song they are presenting in the competition.

During this second opportunity, each country is allocated 20 minutes to perform multiple takes of their performances as dictated by the organization. The stage teams of each country will work hard to try to refine all the details of their stage productions.

Which countries have rehearsed on the forth day (24/11/2023)?

Once again, the press will not have access to the individual rehearsals of Junior Eurovision 2023. Therefore, in these second closed-door rehearsals for the press, the EBU is the one publishing visual material about each participating country. In the afternoon, on the official YouTube channel of Junior Eurovision, the compilation of rehearsals for the day has been released, offering a brief preview of a few seconds of the performances with production.

The delegations of Ireland, Albania, Poland, France, Spain and Italy have been the last to carry out their second individual rehearsals on the grand stage of the contest.

Following the model of last year, the EBU has not provided new visual material for these second rehearsals. Instead, we have been able to enjoy a preview with production.


Viola Gjyzeli – «Bota Ime»


Yan Girls – «Do It My Way»


Sandra Valero – «LOVIU»


Zoé Clauzure – «Cœur»


Jessica McKean – «Aisling»


Melissa & Ranya – «Un Mondo Giusto»


Maja Krzyżewska – «I Just Need A Friend»

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has offered a sneak peek into the way the countries will appear on screen on Sunday, releasing exclusive snippets of the final production of the performances. These teasers not only build anticipation but also mark the prelude to viewer engagement. Now that all 16 rehearsal clips are released, voting starts, allowing audiences to play a vital role in selecting the winner of Junior Eurovision 2023.

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