Germany: NDR announces 33 hopefuls for Eurovision 2017

Today, German national public broadcaster NDR/ARD has revealed the 33 acts who are still in the race to represent the country in Ukraine. The names have been selected after an appointment held in Cologne Germany in the past days.

Anyway, the process is not over yet, as all 33 singers have already performed in front of a panel who will ultimately decide the final 5 names aiming to make the nation pride at Europe’s favorite TV show in Kiev. Every finalist will be assigned a song specially written for the occasion, hoping to get the best quality to get the contest back to Germany in 2018, so that NDR has already started asking composers and songwriters for potential entries.

“Unser Song 2017”, as previously announced, will take place on the 9th of February at 15:30 CET in Cologne. Tickets can already be purchased by clicking HERE.

Currently, the line-up looks as it follows:

  1. Alessandro Capasso
  2. Alex Scuderi
  3. Anja Licht
  4. Axel Feige
  5. Beccy
  6. Coopa
  7. Elvira Michieva
  8. Felicia Lu Kürbiß
  9. Florian Brückl
  10. Helene Nissen
  11. Jo Marie Dominiak
  12. Kai Schernbeck
  13. Leonie Krakowski
  14. Levina
  15. Lisa Toh
  16. Luisa Skrabic
  17. Makeda Michalke
  18. Marvin Schloßhauer
  19. Mary-Anne Bröllochs
  20. Max-Antoine Meisters
  21. Meisters Meg Pfeiffer
  22. Nathan Trent
  23. Nila Patrice Gerlach
  24. Patrice Gerlach
  25. Paul Köninger
  26. Philipp Ostendorf
  27. Sadi
  28. Susanna Okonowski
  29. Sihna Maagé
  30. Sina Rösener
  31. Sven Lüchtenborg
  32. Taylor Luc Jacobs
  33. Yosefin Buohler

Lena, Tim Bendzo and Florian Silbereisen will give their point of view on each of the competing performances at the show but the final decision will be solely in hands of the audience, so 100% televoting will be used to pick the German act at Eurovision 2017!

Will they get to improve their two last positions in-a-row in 2015 and 2016 respectively? They are betting high this year!

Source : NDR

About Adrián Valiente (Spain)

Adrián Valiente (Spain)

I love the Eurovision Song Contest not only because of its amazing production but it also gives me the chance to discover new music every year.
I’ve been watching it since 2002, since then I became a huge follower, mostly because of the interest TVE put on it with Rosa from Spain.
I’ve attended the contest several times in the last few years. I also attended the Junior Eurovision in Malta and Bulgaria where we lived an amazing experience thanks to all delegations and PBS/BNT organising team.

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